Mobile App Development


Mobile Application Developer

If you need an app for your business, we are here to make things ready for you. We have experience in this industry, so we are able to create apps that are well designed and user-friendly. Do not hesitate to give us a call, we will guide you about everything. all of your questions will be answered once you talk to us and we assure you that you will get the best possible services from our side. We are working in latest technologies of mobile apps development like flutter which is good for both android and IOS.

The Need For Mobile App

The average person uses 9 apps per day, while 23 apps in a whole month, That's huge, it's proving people are using apps, they are converting from using websites to apps, so it's time to move into app development and grow your business digitally. Mobile app is a fastest communication and digital trends of new era that you can sell your products or services online in a fastest way. So its very important to develop your mobile to sell online. If you want to grow your business you must have mobile app with your own brand name in Google play store apple play store.

Ease Of Access

One of the reasons people are switching to mobile apps is the ease of access, they don't need to do any work just tap and open and their work is done. Even a lame person can use a mobile app, so it's defiantly a problem-solving product in itself, there is nothing you need to learn for using an app, that's why apps are getting popular. Every brand and group is going to launch their mobile app to get business online.

Why Hub Sol?

Mobile App Development Company In Lahore

There are lots of companies providing mobile app development services in Lahore, but exactly why should you choose our company, What's so different and amusing about Hub Sol.We have professional web developers and mobile apps developers who are working in latest technologies like flutter development. Our team is very skilled and professional. We don't compromise on quality of development.


The reason being we are the top mobile app development company in Lahore is because our main expertise lay in mobile app development, we focus mostly on creating apps that perform well. Other companies do provide mobile app services but they are not experts in the field, they come from design backgrounds, which is way different, so that's why we claim to be the best in the industry because our expertise is way beyond others' reach.


only expertise is not enough, sometimes experience leads the expert. It is because there is a certain situation that is not coding-dependent, that has never been solved before, so for such a situation, you have to invent a solution for yourself, a logic that never existed. We have 10 years of experience in app development, so we know how to handle each and every situation in less time. But then there are also the situations where more work can be done with less coding, that's where your experience comes in because less coding means less size and which means a faster app, you will need a faster app to do a better business, we know this stuff and that's what we have been doing for last ten years.

Team Work

Hub Sol is a mobile app development company that knows the management too. Without proper management of a team, one can't simply get better results, and that's what we are focusing on. We have built a team that is not shy of showing creativity and communication between one another, after all, good communication is what makes a good team. We have professional web developers and mobile apps developers who are creative and experienced in flutter platform which is latest in technologies. Our mobile apps developers are skilled and innovative with latest technology.

Android Apps

In 2020 alone 108 Billion times android apps were downloaded, That's huge. If you want to be on android we are here to help you, we provide you with every kind of service in mobile app development, and one of them is android app development. if you need an android app, Give us a call we will surely solve all your problems.

IOS Apps

There are more than 1 Million apps on IOS, Which proves the worth of this platform. If you are on one platform and not on another chances are you will miss a lot of your customers. It's because an iPhone can not have android apps, They just don't accept it in their store. So if you as a business want to be easily accessed, Then definitely create your own ios app. Let us build your app, We have been doing app development for years, We assure you, You won't regret it.

Get Customized Mobile Apps

We are having a pool of experts to which you can ask for solutions. We can efficiently manage a customized mobile application for your business so that you can do all the tasks on your mobile phone. This will surely increase the productivity of your business too. All the companies in Pakistan are loving this new approach and trying to emerge their business on a smartphone. Our team has innovative application designs you can ask from them or order your design by giving your specifications. We are working hard to provide you with work with the highest quality according to your requirement. We have a lot of satisfied customers in Pakistan and especially in Lahore.

Get Better Apps

There is a difference between an app and an exceptional app. If your app doesn't perform well and takes a lot of time loading and makes the users wait, It's more likely going to ruin your business than make up a good one. So it's important to create world-class apps that are faster and user-friendly which will lead to more downloads and more customers.we at Hub Sol a mobile app development company in Lahore understand this issue very well. Because of our ten years of experience in the industry, we know how to make apps that put a "wow" kind of impression on their users.

Faster Apps

We know the attention span of people has been gradually decreasing, these days people often don't read, They just watch videos, Which shows lack of time. So in a world that is full of distractions, these people won't stay on your platform, if it's not fast enough. A good app has to be faster, There is no way people will stay on the app if it's taking longer time than usual. So in terms of speed, there should be no compromise in the app development.