Mobile Website Usability Rules

Mobile Website Usability Rules

Mobile Website Usability Rules

There are around 1.2 billion of mobile web users all around the world. There are many mobile websites that don’t have effective usability. Many mobile websites become unusable when accessed via mobile devices. While web designing and developing the mobile version of websites you should keep in mind the following guidelines for maximum usability.

 Understand Your Potential Users
Before designing the website, you should know your potential users. It is very important because otherwise it is impossible to develop and design a website which offers a better platform for interaction for your users. There are many ways to find the information about your users like;
•    Conducting online questionnaires and polls
•    Web analytics
•    Usability testing tools

To collect the right information about your users is very important for starting any web development project and it’s the first step that leads to the whole process.

Make sure the Accessibility
Accessibility is a subcategory of usability. So, it is clear that if you make your mobile website accessible then ultimately increasing its usability. When users have to access a website using a mobile device, a maximum part of their attention and focus should be on the content which will enable them to achieve their goals.  So, try to give them an authentic format.

Simple is the best
Usually mobile devices are constrained in screen size, processing power and internet bandwidth. Although these factors are less restricted in tablets as well as dual core mobiles. But still mobile devices are less powerful than a computer, so it is suggested that focus only on helping your users achieve their objective. This often comprises designing a separate website for users who access your website via a mobile device. You may also develop an app for your users to download via app markets.

Importance of colors
Colors play an important role for effective usability of mobile website. Try to use effective colors wisely to convey your message in a very efficient way. Try to use the colors to convey the objective of your site efficiently. Provide a sharp contrast between text and its background for best effects.

Testing for usability is a continuous and ongoing process. Ideally testing should be actually carried out using a wide array of real devices but it can be expensive for small web designing and development companies. Usually its being done on most popular devices like Pad, an Android Tablet, an iPhone, an Android phone and Widows Phone.