Website Redesign

Tips for website redesign that one should never ignore!

Tips for website redesign that one should never ignore!

In today's time, it is mandatory to have a website to register your presence in the market. A website not only helps you represent your business, but it also allows you to communicate with your potential customers and meet their needs. Thus if you want your website to deliver significant results in terms of generating huge traffic and ROI then it should be really well designed and clearly built keeping your services in mind.

Redesigning a website in Pakistan is often a daunting task, it means you have to create new databases, deal with code and servers, and modify every nook and cranny of the back-end side. If the website design doesn't reflect your competencies, success on the Internet will remain a dream.

So, here are the tips for a website that one should never ignore:

Focus on sharp visual features and elements: Most successful companies emphasize strong visual elements on their websites because people respond more to images, videos, and graphics than plain text. So inspiring eye-catching visuals and animations that are on-trend or slightly changing the 'call-to-action' can really compel visitors to stay on your website longer.

Make your Website SEO friendly:  When one is ready to bring their website to the limelight of search engines, the focus should be on making the website easy enough for search engine bots to crawl. If they don't find it there, the dream of seeing it at the top of the search results will be shattered. Therefore, SEO should always be a fundamental consideration for your website redesign. Always focus on a strong technical SEO audit once development is done.

Use contrasting colors:  Redesign your website using contrasting colors. Can highlight the body of the website with complementary colors to attract attention to the expected website visitors.

Minimize page loading time:  We all know that slow page loads can lead to a significant drop in revenue generation. When the loading time exceeds 7 seconds the bounce rate increases resulting in loss of interest among the target audience. Therefore, focusing on reducing page load times will help increase user satisfaction, visitor retention, and loyalty.

Opt for a mobile-friendly site:  As per the recent survey conducted by Google this year, the mobile version of a particular site is the starting point that Google includes in indexing and thus ranking is being measured. So make your website mobile friendly to rank better than competitors in your network.

Pay attention to the of important command buttons: Almost every mobile phone is touch-enabled and users face extreme difficulty in accessing certain buttons if they are shrunk beyond proportion. Such small sizes prompt users to either magnify the website or close it immediately. Sometimes even zooming doesn't help if frustrated users lose control of their fingers and magnify the website beyond the required size, just to press the right button! To avoid such disastrous situation set proper size for important buttons like submit, login, enter etc.

So before you opt for redesigning your website, collect details of current web traffic, bounce rate, conversion and time on page to see visible results.