Graphic Design Trends

Top Graphic Design Trends for 2018

Top Graphic Design Trends for 2018

Old trends become new with the passage of time and this year will be a year of moderngraphic designswhich make the design flat. Unfussiness and simplification will stick around, some favorites will be expected to see the limelight of modern updates in the design. You will see some of the best graphic designs in the coming year which will increase your customers. Here are some of the latest trends of 2018.

Responsive Logo Design

Responsive logo design is becoming one of the famous trends which are revolving over the last 10 years. Increase in the smartphone users have made the usability critical one and the web trends are also increasing. Designers and developers are trying to make a design which can adapt every screen easily this is could be one solution. This is one of the groundwork which we called responsive design. User demands are changing the ideas of logo designing and those ideas are unthinkable till now.

Color transitions (gradient)

This is one of the top trends from past which is still applicable. Gradients were found on every button of the website. Gradient gives grace to the design. In 2007 this trend becomes sidelined as that was the era of flat designs. Flat designs are now evolving and gradient becomes the modern day comeback as an enhancement of the flat design. This enhancement can be called the semi-flat design. The reappearance of iOS and Instagram strips has solidified the fame once again. Now the designs are the form of branding, backgrounds, illustrations, and vibrant UI overlays. Now the color transition term has made the reference with gradient and it looks really attractive to the clients also.


This is also one of the latest trends in the market. Shadows are officially back in 2018. This also became one of the older trends like gradient but now this is increasing in the market. This is also making the design semi flat which is again as the gradient. Depth is one of the valuable tools which is helping out the users which will make the visual hierarchy in input and calls to action fields on the screen. Logo dsigners are experimenting in the long shadows. This means you are adding dimension to the flat designs when you are making the Google material designs.

Boundaries duotones

Duotones are conventionally made through the halftone printing process where one halftone is on top and another contrasting color will be imaged as two-tone. This has made a new change in the digital media. The software has made the things easier which will make the duotones which can be related to the monotones, quadtones, tritons, and other fake duotones which are also known as tinted colors. Most of the biggest brands are using this way for their products which look much attractive.

Patterns and palettes from 80’s and 90’s

From electronic hues to the beautiful pastels all the color schemes from 80’s and 90’s are getting famous. On the other hand, geometric patterns are inspiring the era which is now becoming the reason to attract the more targeted audience. This is also called the visual excitement.

Gifs trend

Animation trend is increasing to make the stuff on the website which is increasing the understanding of the audience. This is also adding style on the website which you never think of. Most of the websites are taking the attention of the audience.