Guide to Navigate Hot trends

Your Guide to Navigate Hot trends and Avoid Fads

Your Guide to Navigate Hot trends and Avoid Fads

In the digital era, small businesses are competing in the noisy world. They are most of the time against large brands or dominant businesses. Customers who are somehow interested in your brand need something to remember about you. Logo of your company can serve you easily in this regard. The new customer coming on your brand needs a symbol from that they will know about you and remember you. All the logos are not created the same way and we will tell you about the latest trends in logo design which appear every year.

Imaginative Typography

Along with the visual shape, typography is one of the vital parts of the logo. Some logos are only made of text. These are called word marks or better marks. You cannot use some common texts like time new roman, or comic sans and call it successfully made the logo. Your text makes your brand important. Typography always continues to grow as we head in the modern world. Here are some examples. You can use the split the typography or you can make it joining.

Bright colors

The Internet is continuously changing the way of interaction with the users. It’s really important that a business design their shape brands with the medium in the mind. Computer and smartphone can be one of the media of displaying colors which provide the perfect canvas to show bright things. This is what we think that the importance of the bright colors. Intense colors are now removed from the hues to the lighter one or you can shift them to the gradient. So, never afraid to play with different color options. This will never cost you much ever.

Geometric line art

Geometric shapes are the one which is out of favor from the architecture of the world of graphic designer and fashion. This is one of the trends that will be heading in the year 2018. These designs look elegant and simple and they are easy to fit in every size. However, a simple design is never the answer to all the problems. Logos are always different this increase visual identity of the brand. A logo has to properly increase the remarkable communication between you and your customer. If you are using geometric lines logo make sure your choice supports and reflect your brand identity.

Social media optimized Logo

Social media logos are valuable in the market because these are the platforms which are making the audience for every brand. So we can say that social media logos are different from others and they are media friendly in the year 2018. Most of the social media platforms are offering square space on the social media as the profile picture. So you should make a logo that exactly fit in the square.

Simple Letter play

Single letter and monogram are one of the famous trends. In the year 2018, there is a lot of fame continue to the persistent. Unfortunately, monogram and letter logos can be incredibly hard to make unique. Business owners love to make logos in the business initials. If your customer will associate those initials of your brand this makes sense. One letter logos are treated as the lazy logos which never show much creativity of the designer and they don’t need to think much. There are a lot of sequences of letters which is not mentioned. All the logos with the same sequences looks the same.